Loving Tracey – no Sprinting

6 Jun

photo 4[1] I’m 28 and still learning myself. Interesting maybe? Still learning that the journey to love starts with me.

I remember when I worked for a TV station back in my college days – during a conversation with a fellow news reporter (well she was actually way above me in credentials and level of career), I vented to her about my “journey” to being happy in my career. I figured she would have the plan and tell me insider’s tips. Her blatant reply: “Who are you racing with?”

I felt clueless. I felt challenged to come up with an answer and found that my inability to do so provided me with the answer she wanted (well the answer I needed).

I learned that I was racing haphazardly – to put it clearly, or like my Grandmom would “Like a chicken with its head cut off.” Yep that was me – a worry wort. Racing around for nothing.

I still worry – hey, I’m human – but not at all about my career. It took quite some time. And by quite, I mean years!
What got me settled is when I stopped focusing on what everyone else was doing. I stopped discrediting myself and my abilities. I stopped beating myself up if I didn’t get called back for an interview or a reply via email. I stopped limiting myself and opened up to the possibilities in life.

I started praying. And praying for the ability to do God’s work through my career. It was just that simple and had I have known it would be so easy, well then I wouldn’t have much to share with you here.

I share this snippet for those feeling lost or as though they have hit a dead end in their career hunt (or current careers). Just know that there is no such thing as a dead end my friend. All you have to do is just allow life to happen. Don’t over control the situation and only do what is in your power and leave the rest to Him.

Fall in love with what lies ahead  – even if you can’t see it. And don’t race to the finish. Get there at your own pace.

-peace and light!

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