The Strength of a Black Man

16 Jul

***Post Trayvon Martin case – in encouragement for ALL of our black men***
The Strength of a Black Man
mike strong man123
Far too often, we forget to love you.
Far too often, we forget that you need love too.
Far too often, it slips our minds that you are doing the best you can.
Far too often, we disregard the strength of a black man.
A strength that can’t be matched.
Because you sir are one of a kind.
A strength that can’t be duplicated –
especially when you’re probably lucky to say you’ve made it.
 In a world where most of you are predicted to be in jail or in the grave by 25,
being a black man
takes the courage of a swarm of bees in a beehive…
Worker bees, working hard for their families.
 Going without –
so we can have food in our mouths.
Going without because you love your sons, daughters, mothers and fathers…
– brothers and sisters.
Going without because you can –
because you’ve had to all your life.
To make ends meet, you’ve paid the sacrifice.
You owe nobody anything anymore.
Get ready to step into greatness – open that door.
Far too often we forget that being a black man has its hurtful memories.
You’ve had to watch as the justice system takes your child away – makes you pay.
When you really want to stay.
You’ve had to sit back, helpless while you watched us hurt and abused.
You didn’t chose this life –
You’re entitled to be happy too.
Far too long has your life been planned and predicted by people who
don’t even see you.
We thank God that He has a far greater plan
for the pillar in you!
For the hero inside. He has a plan for you to continue to stay strong.
For your faith to be stronger than pride. To reflect on your past but move forward into greatness.
He has a plan for you to hold your head up high-
Sit with your back straight
-And look your destiny right in the eye.
For you to say what is on your mind –
 to speak with confidence and awareness of who you are…
…a king.
We recognize the King in you, Black Man.
 Even if the world does not.
To us, you are not a threat, but a blessing.
Keep praying
Keep being
And never,
No never
Let anyone steer you wrong or tell you who you are
When you know first hand
The Strength of a Black Man.
-Tracey K, Writer –

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