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6 Secrets to Finding and Keeping a Boo

15 Aug

Do you want a boo in your life? Or have you been meeting people but it just doesn’t seem to stick? We’ve got some great tips for you to help you find a meet a someone to start a relationship with. You might want to get your notepad out for these:

Insert YOU here :)

#1 Know that there are no secrets. Sorry guys – what I do have to offer however are some great tips that will help you in navigating, taking your time and easing into this whole relationship thing. As a soon-to-be married woman, I am a little removed from the dating scene, but I do know a few tricks of the trade from when/how I met my boo. Most of which were not so successful – but for the most part, I must have done something right ūüôā

#2¬†Avoid going into Hunting Spree Mode. Finding and going into “Gotta get me a man/woman NOW” mode are two totally different things. It’s important to keep your eyes open, but give them a rest too when you want to find a mate. Word to the wise: chill boo.

#3 Pray. Oh yes! Before I met my future hubby, I prayed. I was fed up with not connecting with guys that I met or guys that didn’t deserve me. No matter your gender, you can pray that you get a man/woman that is for you.¬†These were a few onf my prayers:

  • That God first make me whole – because it starts there – with YOU.
  • That God bring me what HE knows is best for me.
  • That I am patient enough to let him come to me. …….So tonight say your special prayer – that is unique to you and your situation. The rest will work itself out.

#4 Know your worth. Like granny would say “Never take any wodden nickles.” She wasn’t saying that to make you tout your nose up and look down on people. She said it for you to know that you are worth more than the basic – well in this case, the artificial. Don’t expect the person you end up dating and possibly sharing your life with to be perfect, cause none of us are. But do realize that you are worthy of love, respect and realness. Once you do this, you won’t end up wasting your time on anything less.

#5¬†Change the way you think & Let the past go.¬†“All men are dogs.” “Man, women only want a man with money.” We’ve all heard these phrases or have said them before. Despite what you’ve experienced, what you’ve heard your friends say, or what you think is true, in order to find someone to share your love with, you’ve got to block out negative stereotypes. This only closes us off to what could potentially be a person to start something with. And two, no one wants a Sour¬†Susie or a Broken Brandon that they have to constantly prove themselves to. To keep your boo – lighten up or chances are, they will go on to the next.

Everybody’s got a past. The past does not equal the future unless you live there. – Tony Robbins.

#6 Enjoy your own company. You can’t expect others to want to be around you or deem you approachable if you don’t enjoy yourself. While living the single life – get to know you. Learn to love being around yourself. So, bask in the ambience of who you are¬†by taking yourself to the movies (this is not a sign of loneliness), or enjoying a glass of wine, a moment of silence….whatever it takes. Just be happy.¬†Know when to sit still and just LOVE your life. It’s the boomerang effect.¬†The love¬†you give will come right back to you.

Stay tuned……we will have more relationship advice to come.


60 seconds: WHAT’S YOUR DREAM?

11 Aug

Life is but a dream

Life is but a dream

When you were a kid – you dreamed of where you would go, where you would be 15 years from then. What happened to that? The older we get, the more we lose sight of those small daydreaming moments we used to love to escape to.

For those that have reached their dreams – great! Keep up the good work.

For everyone else not quite there yet, it’s true that dreams can be differed.¬†Some dreams get put on hold. Some , if not captured right away are forgotten about.

Take 60 seconds today and think a little about what is it that you want for yourself….Not what someone else can give you, but what gift do you have to give yourself and to the world?

We’ve all got something to give…..

Get focused – you’ve got 60 seconds. GO!

-Tracey K.


Hey, be Easy.

8 Aug


Top 10 Weirdest Things about being a Bride-to-Be

8 Aug[1]Not that weird means bad. These things to me are just weird…

#10 –¬†Not having all the answers.¬†¬†That moment when someone asks you “So what’s your date?” And you have no clue – been there! Or how about that time when someone asks you your budget? First off – that’s nosey (unless they are contributing – in which case, tell it all!) And secondly, sometimes you are just not there yet. In any event you might not have all the answers and that is okay. Just say it. Change the subject and move on.

#9 – Learning how to play your cards.¬† If you’ve ever played spades, you know you can’t show all your cards. That means hold your expressions to yourself and reveal nothing. Simple right? NO……Not when you live in the digital age. Sometimes there are things I want to shout from the rooftop – but I withhold. It’s important to leave something to the imagination and for wedding day!

#8 – Expecting a bunch of RSVPs¬†and getting nada.¬†Will I ruffle some feathers? I don’t know. It’s my¬†blog – so here we goooooooooo. If you just got engaged, are planning your wedding and haven’t sent out invites yet, or thinking about it – you will quickly learn that people are not the best communicators. It’s just true! More than likely you will get about 35% (if that) of RSVPs back in the mail. Now, via phone/text/facebook message, maybe more-so.¬†For that reason, I say – don’t go wasting your bridal budget dollars on extra postage for response cards. It’s a waste. I don’t mind a polite ‘I regret,” just tell me something – sheez….

#7 – Having to cut Pinterest down to a minimum.¬† A friend of mine told me that I should pry myself away from my Pinterest boards during planning. Did I listen? Nope.¬†I affectionately labeled¬†my¬†wedding board “Something Blue,” and went haywire!¬†She was right though, there are¬†wayyyyyyyy to many options and make it more difficult to¬†make a decision without going back and forth.

#6 – Front and center – welcome the star of the show. Okay, again – weird does not necessarily mean bad. It’s just weird. Being a bride-to-be means that you best be ready to be “on” at all time my love. Bridal showers, bridal parties, question and answer sessions, etc. The show is on! And it’s all about you. That could be a good thing right? Yeah – true for some

#5 – That damn diet. Just live. Seriously – the weird part about being a bride-to-be is when you set this not-so-practical diet plan and can’t seem to stick to it. Be fit and workout to be healthy, it’s the best way.

#4 – I got this, I got this! No you don’t. Weird moment number four – realizing you need help. Took me a while. I figured – I can do this, and that when it came to the planning process. When actually I needed help – in my boo, my friends and my family. Thank God for them not letting up on my crazy butt!

#3 – Other people: the other bride. Okay – here we goooooooooo. Do not and I repeat¬† – do not compete with another bride-to-be. There is no competition. And no time will two people ever have the same vision for their special day – especially two women. So don’t keep up with another bride and her date and her dress and her menu choices. Have yours and move on. That part can get weird too, cause you want to know or maybe you need a few ideas.¬†Just don’t get caught up.

#2 – So, are you from Jamaica? Why Jamaica? Why so far? Whewww! Now this is not only weird for me. It’s aggravating. I chose to have a destination wedding and not everybody gets it. I get it: it’s far, everyone can’t come. But hey – I’m weird! My wedding. My choice. So there…..seriously – it took a while to get that confidence in my choice. But once I did – there was no stopping me and those that love me/us jumped right on board. Stick to your guns ladies….

#1 – Forgetting what’s really important: your groom-to-be. I’m a lucky lady and happy to have a groom-to-be who has been a part of the planning process from day one! Don’t let the weird bug hit you by forgetting about him too

Just know that some things are just weird – and that’s okay!