Step it up – Your Wardrobe that is 1/4

9 Oct

So you’ve grown up in the world – your own car, your own place, a job to go to. All is right.To go along with that abundance, every grown woman needs her own look – her own style. So, here we go. If you’ve been feeling stuck when it comes to styles, little ol’ me is here to help!We are going to do this together! Like you, I go in and out with my clothes and am working to rebuild my wardrobe. For now, we are going to start with the basics. There are a few items that every woman needs to as she builds her wardrobe. This is part 1 of a 4 part series, so continue to check back for the completion. Here the first 6 we are going to work with:

#1 Jeans – Denim is still in, but don’t let your first new pair be ones that are all ripped up and bleached out. We can get to that later. You will need to have 2 pairs for starters. Get yourself a basic pair of jeans that fit you nicely. I always say, the darker the better – goes for a much more classic look. And then if you want a more relaxed look, grab the perfect pair of “boyfriend jeans” on a lighter color scale. This would be cute paired with some little booties for fall.

carolina engman boyfriend jeans

Denim Cutie via Arianna Elizabeth                                                                                Boyfriend Jeans via Fashion Squad

#2 Little Black Dress – A true wardrobe staple! Make sure you’ve got this one ready to go and perfect for any occasion. If I had to pick just one style, I would say a cap sleeve, mid length, peplum dress would do the trick! This way you can layer it underneath and over top. OR if you can’t chose just one – go for two (the magic #): One for your girls’ nights or date nights and the other sensible for work.


LBD via pinterest                                                                                                          

#3 Blazer – Long gone are the days when you would only wear a blazer if you have a church function, sorority event or a job interview. Now, a blazer is a girl’s BFF. And you don’t have to go with basic black. You do need a basic black one – because again, It’s a classic essential. But I say, pick a few – a color that you would mind wearing often, a color that matches your personality and one that you just like. Simple and basic as that! Blazers also don’t have to be super expensive either. When in doubt, H&M has just what you need – plenty of colors for under $40. If you pair your blazer with your other basic pieces, you’ll already have a few outfits to work with for a variety of events! Like your LBD and a black blazer – sleek and easy!

A blazer can turn an outfit around completely. Not only will this piece be perfect for my own professional appearance, but will be fabulous in any store I work with! Oh and the bag and shoes work so well with this outfit!

Pretty in Pink Blazer via weheartit                                                          Photo via LesConseilsdescheena             

#4 Tees Please – Grab about 2 fun ones and 2 basic solid-color ones. We’re going to have some fun with these! I’m talking layers and outfit mixes. Tees are perfect to pair with leopard print skirts, boyfriend jeans, blazers and sneaks – the options are endless. More to come on this one – I promise!

new boyfriend.

Basic tee via Bella Ella Boutique                                                                                             Photo via Pinterest: traceyk

#5 Oxford Shirts – White is the best first choice and then a light blue. Perfect classics to get you started. And again it’s another one of those pieces you can wear with just about anything and dress it up and/or down. So be it tights, jeans, work pants, skirts….it pairs well with it all!

RL Striped Oxford Shirt

Oxford button-down via pinterest

#6 Pencil Skirts –  Prints, solids – this is my favorite part. Start your collection with a neutral color (black, khaki or navy blue) and then go to bold and beyond: bold colors, prints – whatever your heart desires.

Keke Palmer in neon pink pencil skirt. LOVE IT !

Hot pink pencil skirt – via pinterest

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