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PHOTOS: Beyonce and JayZ’s trip to the Dominican Republic

10 Apr


Everyone’s favorite star couple travelled to the Dominican Republic to celebrate their 6 year anniversary on April 4. Beyoncé shared the photos of their trip on her tumblr and it’s unclear who their photographer is. But we’d like to think that she captures him and he captures her 🙂 It would just add to the romance, right? At any rate –  Click through the gallery below to see some of my favs:

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Watch LSU Gymnast’s ‘Perfect 10’ Dance Moves

7 Apr

LSU Gymnast is not only a SEC powerhouse in the gymnastics world, she’s also earning viral video records thanks to her dance moves and precision on the floor.

Dallas, TX native, Lloimincia Hall scored her third perfect 10.0 in a row, on floor of the season. She has 24 career floor titles (ranking third in LSU history). And according to her stats, she is the fifth of her career to win the title.


I’ll admit that I’m bias because I’m a BAMA graduate. And it doesn’t help that her perfect 10 score was given as she beat Alabama on January 31st. But in life, you can’t deny talent: and Lloimincia surely has just that! Aside from that, I can’t recall ever seeing a gymnast dance to Frankie Beverly and Maze. Have you!? See for yourself: