Ease on Down – your first outing alone with Baby

15 Jul

When you become a mother – you may feel:

  • Happy/Sad
  • Blessed/Overwhelmed
  • Helpless/Accomplished
  • Together/Alone
  • Complete/Empty

Did that rack your brain enough? If you’re not a mom yet – but you are waiting to become one, these are just a few of the ways you might feel once your baby gets here.

And it’s okay if every feeling you feel is not 110% positive. Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t strive for perfection. I am learning this myself. My journey to motherhood was not the smoothest ride (more on this later). But it was however, something I wanted so badly and I am so grateful for now. But strangely enough when I had my daughter – just a few days later I felt overwhelmed with emotion due to a need to protect her.There was something about her “being out”that tore away at my heart. If you want to hear more about it those postpartum  woes and need advice, click here.

Even more exciting is what ‘s to come with that first outing with your little one. Your first outing with your child alone can look a number of ways. Mines was with our daughter’s first month doctor checkup.

I clutched my invisible pearls in anticipation (photo below) but it wasn’t half bad. me and baby - one month appt blog post

Let’s be clear, I tossed and turned a bit the night before our outing. It’s one thing to leave the house as just myself and it’s a breeze working with my husband to venture out – riding shotgun and checking baby’s leg temp, watching her breathing, etc.

But being behind the wheel with precious cargo caused me to have a heightened level of awareness. We successfully conquered though. If you’re going out with your little one here are some tricks that helped us:

  1. Get prepped the night before. Preparation is key, especially if you have a timed-specific event the two of you need to be at. After having your baby, you will have a few appointments – some for her, some for yourself…and while many offices allow a 15 minute or so grace period, you still want to prep to do your best to be on time. My parents used to catch a bunch of jokes when my brother and I were little about always being the “late ones to arrive” and they always replied with “we have kids idiot!” Well not quite in those terms. Getting out the house with children, let alone a newborn is quite an adventure, so get that diaper bag, her outfit, your clothes, the car seat and other materials (insurance cards, questions for your doctor, etc.) related to your outing if needed.
  2. Be real. Be flexible. And this is with EVERY SINGLE EVENT FROM HERE ON OUT. You may run late. You may get lost and make a wrong turn (Mommy brain). There may be some surprises – bumps in the road if you will. But keep your cool and carry on.
  3. Breathe. If you get panicky, a couple of deep breaths may help you ease through the anxiety. Breathe in for four breaths, breathe out for four more. Remember you need to keep a cool head because you are not just driving for yourself – you’ve got a precious gift in tow.
  4. Take your time. Don’t rush getting from place to place. Our balance can get shaken up when we try to race with time so takes yours as needed. The time will pass anyway, so as mentioned before – be flexible and do what you can to be “on time” but move at your own pace when in transition to the next phase of your outing.
  5. Manage baby’s feedings while out. Okay, this will be different for everyone, but you will need to take the proper amount of bottles and keep track of when baby needs to eat as it relates to where you’ll be. So if you know you have an appointment at 11am and your baby normally eats around that time, you may have to get creative and feed her at say, the nearest mall’s family breastfeeding room, or linger around the doctor’s appointment to feed her. This helped me a bunch, because it helped baby girl stay pretty calm while in the car. We had not one fussy moment from hunger. 🙂 Feeding before you leave helps too. But do what works for you.
  6. Keep someone posted. My point person was my husband – I let him know our ETA and arrival just so someone knew where we were. Although he wouldn’t have had it any other way. I also had my mom on alert as well.
  7. Live and learn. There will be many more outings with your mini-me so use this first one and the ones after to find your own routine and way that works for you and your family.

Safe travels to and fro’

Peace & blessings




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