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5 Signs it’s Time to Cut your Grass

11 Jun

“That’s why I had to cut the grass so I can see the snakes.” – Lil’ Kim, 2003.

I remember hearing this song, “This is who I am,” from Lil’ Kim’s La Bella Mafia album back in the beginning of my college life – sophomore year maybe. We all have those songs/lyrics that stick with us. For me, this line is one of those – and has been going strong as a little reminder for me for 10 years now.

Talk about relevance!

“This is who I am,” touches on a range of topics: morals, perseverance and as it relates to this post: friendship. Or shall I say letting go of them. Touchy subject. But the truth in the matter is that letting some friends go or re-evaluating them is a part of life. This applies to our relationships too, whether with family members, spouses or coworkers. We’ve all had to do it (myself included) and it sometimes is not the easiest thing to do. But maybe these tips on “5 Signs it’s Time to Cut your Grass (aka that “something” ),” will help a bit:

Number 1: When the grass is too high. When it’s time to cut the grass, it’s just time to do it. Not an easy task at all: it takes some sweating, troubleshooting and a little elbow grease to get the job done. But any yard has to be well kept – so grass that is too high and is covering all your goodness, must go!

grass cut blog post

Number 2: When you’ve treated the grass, spent your hard-earned money on landscaping and it’s still tired and fried. We’ve all reached that one point of our lives’ tried to salvage something that was destined to fail – and that’s okay. Just know that when you have gave it all you got and the grass is still causing you problems, get to cutting, cause the thrill might be gone.

Number 3: When you see a snake. This should be an easy one right? Not really. Sometimes we can see a snake through our grass and we still don’t cut it. Let’s pause or a second. Snakes could be friends, strangers, and the like. Remember that one thing someone did to you that you just let slide? Well that’s stuff that snakes do. The caution signs are all in front of you. You see it with your very own eyes, yet deny that it’s there. You’d rather let your grass get all out of order and let the snakes in your life multiply, instead of cutting it down so you can see clearly. Be honest with yourself and remember what Granny said ‘if it looks like a duck – it’s a duck.”

Number 4: When other people don’t want to see your grass. Eyesore! Sometimes when we have negative people around us it brings out the worst in us too. So this type of grass must be chopped, bagged and trashed. Sorry – didn’t mean to get graphic. But no one wants to be around someone that allows toxic people in their life. Those kinds of people can others question your loyalty and judgment. If you’ve got someone in your life who can’t share you with your other friends, can’t be genuinely happy for you or who talk negatively about every other friend you have – it’s time to let it go.

Number 5: When the grass makes you uncomfy: itchy, sneezing, just plain sick. Don’t ignore the warning signs. Susan Taylor once said “Pain is information.” And it’s true. If you are experiencing physical pain: headaches, etc., at the sight of someone’s name on your phone. Let them go. Or if your gut just isn’t settling right, take the hint. Listen to those things. If you’ve got symptoms like these that make life uneasy around dingy grass – cut it boo!

Bottom line? Get rid of anything that is weighing you down. Anything that does not allow you to flourish! It’s a hard thing to do. I’ve been there before, wanting to hold on to something that just isn’t there. Take it from me…waste not another second with the petty things and move right along. You’ll be glad that you did.

-peace and light

Tracey K.

So what if Reality TV is my Ratchet Entertainment of Choice

3 Jun

Yep – I said it: Ratchet!

Here is my confession: On most Monday nights after a long day of work, I go home, get prepped for tomorrow, workout, and then curl up at the TV to see what it has in store for me. Nine times out of ten, I flip through the channels and to my “surprise” it’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta night! I instantly get excited and all is right in the world.  Well not really. But at least I know I can get engulfed in some entertaining television.

I like to think of myself as someone who is not the norm – someone who likes to challenge society and its misguidance on our youth. But would that make me a walking contradiction?

I think not. Yes, I know that most reality shows – just about all of them – are full of drama, drama, pure-dee drama! And yes, I understand that Mamma Dee is crazy for trying to intrude in who her son chooses to love. But I simply cannot help myself.

Maybe it’s because I know a fight will break out in the last 30 seconds of each episode, or because I’m interested in hearing from the experts how “co-parenting” really works in the ATL.

Aside from how it caters to my guilty pleasures, I am concerned however on what is being reported and how it relates to the standard in which we live.

The fact that 99% of the black men on the show are not married to their significant others, mother of their children, etc. The fact that you have one man with two women at his feet who is in and out of his daughter’s life. Women on the show seem to be more in tuned with appearance than making a difference.

I don’t want to come off as being super judgmental, but can’t help wonder if this is actually real life? Are there any successful relationships in Atlanta – or in the black community for that matter. I know there have to be – cause I know of some firsthand. But why are these the ones we see?

Until these questions are answered or until something changes, I admit that I will be curled up at my TV on Monday nights.