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So what if Reality TV is my Ratchet Entertainment of Choice

3 Jun

Yep – I said it: Ratchet!

Here is my confession: On most Monday nights after a long day of work, I go home, get prepped for tomorrow, workout, and then curl up at the TV to see what it has in store for me. Nine times out of ten, I flip through the channels and to my “surprise” it’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta night! I instantly get excited and all is right in the world.  Well not really. But at least I know I can get engulfed in some entertaining television.

I like to think of myself as someone who is not the norm – someone who likes to challenge society and its misguidance on our youth. But would that make me a walking contradiction?

I think not. Yes, I know that most reality shows – just about all of them – are full of drama, drama, pure-dee drama! And yes, I understand that Mamma Dee is crazy for trying to intrude in who her son chooses to love. But I simply cannot help myself.

Maybe it’s because I know a fight will break out in the last 30 seconds of each episode, or because I’m interested in hearing from the experts how “co-parenting” really works in the ATL.

Aside from how it caters to my guilty pleasures, I am concerned however on what is being reported and how it relates to the standard in which we live.

The fact that 99% of the black men on the show are not married to their significant others, mother of their children, etc. The fact that you have one man with two women at his feet who is in and out of his daughter’s life. Women on the show seem to be more in tuned with appearance than making a difference.

I don’t want to come off as being super judgmental, but can’t help wonder if this is actually real life? Are there any successful relationships in Atlanta – or in the black community for that matter. I know there have to be – cause I know of some firsthand. But why are these the ones we see?

Until these questions are answered or until something changes, I admit that I will be curled up at my TV on Monday nights.


MUSIC: Current Jam

27 Apr

Chris Brown’s new “Fine China,” is giving me some Michael mixed with some spice of today. I love the blend of this one. Dance!

Hometown Glory via Photography Legend

10 Dec

GORDON PARKS - Untitled, Mobile, Alabama, 1956  ©  The Gordon Parks Foundation

Untitled, Mobile, Alabama, 1956 © The Gordon Parks Foundation

I’ve always admired Gordon Parks  – but I never really knew why up until now. I just figured it was maybe some weird cosmo-connection being that our birthdays are 2 days apart, we’re both from Saggitarius land, or maybe it was just the wanna-be photographer in me.

I just assumed I appreciated his amazing perspective behind the lens – amazing! His work is honest and pretty fearless. Searching the internet last night I saw a few articles and posts stating that Mr. Parks took some photos in the deep South, particularly Mobile, AL – my hometown!

Gordon Parks

“Outside Looking In,” Gordon Parks – Mobile, AL 1956

Gordon Parks

“Mr. and Mrs. Albert Thorton,” Gordon Parks – Mobile, AL 1956

In 1956, Parks was given a photo assignment per LIFE magazine to depict Black America in the South – and he went to my city and snapped away! The images he got were vivid, telling and one of my all time favs (pictured above) was also taken in my city. I immediately sent a text to my parents asking them where in

Mobile this picture was taken. The results: the picture was taken at the side entrance to the Saenger Theatre and the “Colored Entrance” sign actually hangs in our History Museum. There are 5 other photos from this series taken in Mobile…all honest and true G. Parks fashion!

Thanks to The Gordon Parks Foundation you can now see these pictures and more, as they have been released to the public through exhibits across the country. One will be in Atlanta’s Jackson Fine Art museum, now – February 2.

My love for Mr. Parks and his work is now solid and a true impact to my life. As a young woman trying to find her way in this big ‘ol world, my life is changing everyday. I picked up from down South and moved up to the East coast – Washington, DC – where the winters are NOT my bestfriends and the pace is fast (more about this later). But I am in search of a dream and am appreciative to constantly be given answers and messages that tell me to keep going, keep searching, and keep being. Reminders that I come from a strong place and from a people of strength and endurance. History proves it.

Disclaimer: I know that a typical first blog post is normally something along the lines of: “Here’s what you can look forward to,” or “About ME 101.” Well, this is mine simply because it spoke to me: Loud and Clear! So here I am……Stay tuned.

Peace and love.